A Nagar Bus Tickets

A Nagar Bus Tickets
A Nagar or Ahmadnagar near Pune is a city of is the largest district of Maharashtra, Ahmadnagar District. The district covers almost 5.66% of Maharashtra.
The place has a rich historical heritage. The town derived its name from the founder of Ahmadnagar, Ahmed Shah Nizam Shah. It houses the Ahmednagar fort where many freedom fighters including Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru were imprisoned during Indian freedom movement. He wrote his world famous book "Discovery Of India" sitting in Ahmednagar Fort.
Geographic Location of Ahmednagar:
Ahmednagar is situated on the west bank of the Sina River. It is located at about 120 km northeast of Pune and 120 km from Aurangabad.
A Nagar Bus Tickets
Climatic Condition of Ahmednagar:
Being away from the sea the climate is hot and dry. Major chunk of the year faces hot summer and dryness during the monsoon season. The hilly western zone of the district enjoys a comparatively cooler climate. During the winters the air is dry and refreshing. As compared to the eastern part of the district the western hilly region receives more rainfall. However in general rains are often scanty. This often results in drought.
History of Ahmednagar:
The origin of Ahmednagar traces back to 240 B.C. Initially, though the place did not hold much importance it was only during and after the rule of the Andhrabrityas from B.C. 90 that the district started gaining fame. From Chalukya kings to the Rashtrakuta and Mughal rulers Ahmednagar was always a primary region for all the dynasties. Thank to the rich cultural heritage and the rule of strong kings the district comprises several historic caves and temples. The age old monuments are greatly influenced by Mughal architecture. It is an important religious place for the Muslim Community.
List of popular and luxury hotels in Ahmednagar:
Yash Palace Hotel
Panchsheel Hotel
Natraj Hotel
Chanakya Hotel
Ashoka Tourist Hotel
Sanket Hotel
Tulsi Vihar Hotel
Oberoi Hotel
Swastik Hotel
Raj Residency HotelAhmednagar District is known as the spiritual center of India. It witnessed the great souls like Dnyandeo, Dyaneshwar, Sai baba, Sant Tukaram, Meher baba and many more.
Ahmednagar has the biggest cricket stadium in Maharashtra provided with international standard sporting facilities. Meher Baba first came to the then city of Ahmednagar in 1923. He stayed at Khushru Quarters. This has later been made the current location of the Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust. He stayed here for a very long time and while staying in this city for such a long period he has made Ahmednagar a location for his work.

So you must not miss the city of Ahmednagar because this has long been the place of notable landmarks of nation's history. Plans have been made by the government to a plan develop the city by 2031.
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