Adilabad to Achabbal Bus Route

Adilabad to Achabbal Bus Route
From Adilabad to Achabbal  Bus information

Adilabad derives its name from the erstwhile ruler of Bijapur, Mohammed Adil Shah. It is the northernmost district of Nizam state of the Deccan region.

Historically, rahim has been home to a variety of cultures. Owing to its position at the border of central and southern India, it has been ruled by North Indian dynasties like the Mauryas and the Mughals and South Indian dynasties like the Satavahanas and the Chalukyas. The current culture of the district incorporates significant elements of the neighboring Marathi culture into the native Telugu culture. However a multicultural society exists here with Bengali, Malayali, Rajasthani and Gujarati people living in harmony.

Boundaries And Topography

             The district was situated between 77.46' and 80.01' ,of the eastern longitudes and 18.40' and 19.56', of northern latitudes.The district is bounded on north by Yeotmal and Chanda district of Maharastra, on the east by Chanda district, on the south by Karimnagar and Nizamabad districts and on the west by Nanded district of Maharastra State.
            The district has population of 2079098 which accounts for 3.13% of the total population of the State. It is however takes the fifth rank in area with an extent of 16128 SU kms.Which account for 5.90% of the total area of the State. It is however,the second largest district in the Telangana of the inhabited and 167 unihabited village and 11 Towns.
             The District Comprises of 52 Mandals and 1743 villages of which 1557 villages are inhabited and 186 villages are un-inhabitated. There are 7 Muncipalities in the District. The District is conveniently formed into 5 divisions 1)Adilabad , 2) Nirmal ,3)Utnoor, 4)Asifabad,5)Mancherial.

Historical Background

            The district derives its name from Adilabad,its headquarters town which was named after the ruler of Bijapur, Ali Adil Shah. The district was for long not a homogenius unit and its component parts were ruled at different periods by nasties namely, the Mauryas,Staavahanas, Vakatakas,Chaludyasof Badami, Rashtrakututs, Chalukyas of Kalyani, Mughals,Bhosle Rajes of Nagpur and Asaf Jahis, besides the Gond Rajas of Sirpur and Chanda.Originally this was not full fledged district but a sub-district named Sirpur-Tandur which was created in A.D. 1872 with Edlabad(Adilabad), Rajura and Sirpur as its consistuents talukas.In 1905 the status of this sub-district was raised to that of an independent district with head quarters at Adilabad.

Achabal is a town and a notified area committee in Anantnag district locally known as Islamabad district in the Indian administered state of Jammu & Kashmir. Perhaps the most beautiful of springs is Achabal, which gushes out of the Sosanwar hill, and was once enlisted by the emperor Jehangir in the service of beauty and pleasure. It is said that the Breng river which disappears at Dewalgam in the fissures of the limestone is the real source of the Achabal spring.

Achabal is an important tourist place about 7 kilometres away from Anantnag. The place is famous and attractive due to an ancient spring surrounded by a garden terraced and developed by the Mughals. The place has got some historical background also. The upper portion of the garden is called 'Bag-e-Begum Abad' developed by Malika Noor Jehan Begum in 1616 AD and renowned as Sahib Abad in which there was a Hamam (treasure of water) getting heat from a logical lamp.

 Adilabad to Achabbal Bus Route Driving Directions
Adilabad, Andhra Pradesh 504001, India
2,020 km - about 1 day 9 hours

1.Head southwest
85 m

2.Turn right
0.2 km

3.Turn left
0.2 km

4.At the roundabout, take the 3rd exit
6.4 km

5.Turn right onto AH 43/NH 7
Partial toll road
Pass by IOC Petrol Pump (on the left in 1.8 km)
126 km

6.Turn left onto AH 43/MH SH 264/NH 7
Pass by Abha Gaikwad-Patil College of Engineering (on the left in 42.5 km)
48.7 km

7.Exit onto Outer Ring Rd
Pass by Atey (Dr) (Mrs) M R (on the right in 8.2 km)
43.3 km

8.Continue onto AH 43/NH 7
Pass by OM SAI HP AUTO CENTER, HINDUSTAN PETROLEUM (on the left in 57.3 km)
135 km

9.Turn left toward AH 43/NH 7
4.9 km

10.Continue straight onto AH 43/NH 7
Pass by Rai Petroleum (on the left in 20.1 km)
21.0 km

11.Slight left to merge onto N - South Corridor
Pass by Indian Oil (on the left in 62.8 km)
88.8 km

12.Turn left to stay on N - South Corridor
Partial toll road
Pass by Well (on the left in 101 km)
209 km

13.Slight left toward N - South Corridor
2.5 km

14.Continue straight onto N - South Corridor
Pass by Mannu Petrol Pump (on the left in 21.2 km)
111 km

15.At the roundabout, take the 1st exit onto AH 43/NH 25/NH 75/NH 76
Continue to follow AH 43/NH 75
Go through 3 roundabouts
Pass by Hydel Colony Bus Stop (on the left in 1.6 km)
14.5 km

16.Slight left toward AH 43/NH 75
1.7 km

17.Turn left onto AH 43/NH 75
1.8 km

18.Turn left to stay on AH 43/NH 75
Pass by Bhartiyam Vidya Peeth (on the right in 8.1 km)
25.3 km

19.Turn left to stay on AH 43/NH 75
Continue to follow AH 43
Pass by Hanuman mandir Bamroli (on the left in 8.3 km)
51.5 km

20.Turn left toward Dongarpur Rd
0.6 km

21.Continue straight onto Dongarpur Rd
Pass by Gajara Raja Mercy Home (on the right in 350 m)
1.7 km

22.Continue onto Sirol Link Rd
Pass by Sachin Tendulkar Chauraha (on the right in 1.7 km)
2.3 km

23.Continue onto Behat Rd
Pass by Trinco park (shopping complex) (on the left in 550 m)
1.5 km

24.At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit onto Mall Rd
Pass by Mutliple God-Goddess Temple (on the left in 500 m)
1.3 km

25.At the roundabout, take the 1st exit onto Kalpi Rd
Pass by PETROL PUMP (on the left in 1.4 km)
1.7 km

26.At Gole Ka Mandir Police Chowki, continue onto National Highway 92
Pass by Filling Station (on the right in 5.6 km)
8.5 km

27.Turn right onto AH 47/NH 3
Continue to follow NH 3
Go through 1 roundabout
Pass by CNG Station (on the left in 5.3 km)
29.4 km

28.At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit onto AH 43/NH 3
Continue to follow AH 43
Go through 1 roundabout
Pass by Baikunth Devi Girls Degree College (on the right in 80.4 km)
82.2 km

29.Turn left after Agra Fort (on the right)
Drive along the park (on the right for 150 m)
0.7 km

30.Continue onto AH 43/NH 3/SH 39
0.5 km

31.Turn right onto SH 39
22 m

32.Turn right onto Strand Rd
0.1 km

33.At Yamuna River, continue onto SH 39
Pass by GAIL India LTD (on the right in 6.5 km)
13.3 km

34.Make a U-turn
0.2 km

35.Slight left to merge onto Yamuna Expy
Toll road
154 km

36.Take the exit onto Noida-Greater Noida Expy
Partial toll road
24.1 km

37.Continue onto Dadri Main Rd
Pass by the park (on the left in 450 m)
3.3 km

38.Continue onto Noida Link Rd
4.5 km

39.Continue onto Geeta Colony Rd
1.9 km

40.Take the ramp onto Geeta Colony Bridge/Raja Ram Kohli Marg
Pass by the park (on the left in 2.2 km)
2.5 km

41.Turn left after Shanti Van (on the left)
40 m

42.Turn right to stay on Raja Ram Kohli Marg
45 m

43.Turn right
Pass by Vijay Ghat (on the right in 450 m)
1.1 km

44.Slight right toward Grand Trunk Rd/Mahatma Gandhi Marg/Ring Rd
Drive along Salimgarh Fort (on the right for 190 m)
0.7 km

45.Slight left onto Grand Trunk Rd/Mahatma Gandhi Marg/Ring Rd
Pass by the park (on the left in 1.1 km)
2.1 km

46.Continue onto Dr KB Hegdewar Marg/Outer Ring Rd
Continue to follow Outer Ring Rd
Drive along Defence Research and Development Organisation (on the left for 450 m)
11.7 km

47.Take the ramp onto Grand Trunk Rd
Pass by TDI Mall (on the right in 18.3 km)
71.4 km

48.Keep right to stay on Grand Trunk Rd
Partial toll road
37.7 km

49.Slight left toward SH 8
0.5 km

50.Take the 1st left onto SH 8
Pass by Sun Diagnostics (on the left in 300 m)
1.7 km

51.At the roundabout, take the 3rd exit onto GT Rd
Pass by HP Petrol Pump (on the right)
1.0 km

52.At the roundabout, take the 1st exit onto Mall Rd
Pass by Axis Bank (on the left)
1.1 km

53.Continue onto Karnal - Sitamai Rd/SH 9
Continue to follow SH 9
Go through 2 roundabouts
Pass by Petrol Pump (on the right in 1.8 km)
57.1 km

54.Turn left onto SH 8/SH 9
Pass by S R Filling Station (on the right in 32.2 km)
35.6 km

55.Continue onto Phewa Rd
3.5 km

56.Continue onto Phewa Kathal Rd
3.7 km

57.Turn right toward NH 64
0.9 km

58.Turn left onto NH 64
Pass by Bharat Petroleum (on the left)
2.4 km

59.At Khande Wala Chownk, continue onto State Highway 8
Pass by Hemkunt Filling Station (on the left in 1.9 km)
28.5 km

60.Turn left at Bank Po Coaching | SSC Coaching in Fatehgarh Sahib - IBS onto Grand Trunk Rd
Pass by Doraha (on the left in 43.0 km)
58.9 km

61.At Sherpur Chownk, take the 1st exit
Go through 1 roundabout
7.9 km

62.At Jalandhar Bypass Chownk, take the 1st exit onto Grand Trunk Rd
Partial toll road
Go through 1 roundabout
Pass by Petrol Station (on the left in 43.0 km)
52.6 km

63.Turn right onto Grand Trunk Rd/Jalandhar Bypass Rd
Pass by PAP shooting range (on the left)
5.5 km

64.Take the ramp to Pathankot Rd
0.5 km

65.Turn right onto Pathankot Rd
63 m

66.At Mex Switchgears Private Limited, continue onto National Highway 1A
Partial toll road
Pass by Bharat Petroleum Retail Outlet (on the left in 113 km)
180 km

67.Turn right onto Samba Mansar Udhampur Rd
Pass by Primary Health Centre, Nud (on the right in 8.8 km)
20.9 km

68.Continue onto Mansar Udhampur Rd
Pass by Mansar Boating Station (on the left)
5.7 km

69.Turn left onto Dhar-Udhampur Rd
Pass by Mega Vision (on the left in 4.9 km)
29.6 km

70.Continue onto Dhar Rd
Pass by Info City (on the left in 800 m)
0.9 km

71.Slight right at J&K Bank to stay on Dhar Rd
Pass by ICICI Bank Branch & ATM. - Udhampur (on the right in 900 m)
2.4 km

72.Slight right onto National Highway 1A
Pass by Baigra Petrol Pump (on the right)
83.3 km

73.Turn right at Raghu Nath Mandir to stay on National Highway 1A
Pass by Petrol Pump (on the right in 3.3 km)
57.2 km

74.Slight right onto Verinag Feeder Rd
Pass by Masjid Sharief (on the left in 3.6 km)
9.1 km

75.Continue onto Verinag Anantnag Road
Pass by Sports Stadium (on the right)
0.8 km

76.Slight right onto Dooru Rd
Pass by Jamia Masjid Sharief (on the right)
0.4 km

77.Take the 1st right onto Dooru Village Rd
Pass by Ziyarat Sharief Azam Shah Shahib (on the right)
1.5 km

78.Turn left toward NH 1B
7.2 km

79.Turn left onto NH 1B
Pass by Police Station Achabal (on the right in 8.6 km)
8.9 km

Distance from Adilabad to Achabbal 2,020 km