Adilabad to Adibadri Bus Route

Adilabad to Adibadri Bus Route
From Adilabad to Adibadri Bus information

Boundaries And Topography
             The district was situated between 77.46' and 80.01' ,of the eastern longitudes and 18.40' and 19.56', of northern latitudes.The district is bounded on north by Yeotmal and Chanda district of Maharastra, on the east by Chanda district, on the south by Karimnagar and Nizamabad districts and on the west by Nanded district of Maharastra State.
            The district has population of 2079098 which accounts for 3.13% of the total population of the State. It is however takes the fifth rank in area with an extent of 16128 SU kms.Which account for 5.90% of the total area of the State. It is however,the second largest district in the Telangana of the inhabited and 167 unihabited village and 11 Towns.
             The District Comprises of 52 Mandals and 1743 villages of which 1557 villages are inhabited and 186 villages are un-inhabitated. There are 7 Muncipalities in the District. The District is conveniently formed into 5 divisions 1)Adilabad , 2) Nirmal ,3)Utnoor, 4)Asifabad,5)Mancherial.
Historical Background
            The district derives its name from Adilabad,its headquarters town which was named after the ruler of Bijapur, Ali Adil Shah. The district was for long not a homogenius unit and its component parts were ruled at different periods by nasties namely, the Mauryas,Staavahanas, Vakatakas,Chaludyasof Badami, Rashtrakututs, Chalukyas of Kalyani, Mughals,Bhosle Rajes of Nagpur and Asaf Jahis, besides the Gond Rajas of Sirpur and Chanda.Originally this was not full fledged district but a sub-district named Sirpur-Tandur which was created in A.D. 1872 with Edlabad(Adilabad), Rajura and Sirpur as its consistuents talukas.In 1905 the status of this sub-district was raised to that of an independent district with head quarters at Adilabad.

Adbadri ,also known in revenue records as Helisera, is set in beautiful surroundings and the road from Lohba to Adbadri passes through scenic terrain. Just above Adbadri is the small Lake of Benital. At Adbadri are the remains of Sixteen temples similar to those found at dwarahat ( in district Almora) and the one dedicated to Badrinarayan is still used for worship as are the others but to a lesser degree. The local people have a superstitious belief that in a few year the road from Joshimath to Badrinath will be closed by the meeting of the hill near the temple that stand opposite each other and that then this temple will become a place for pilgrimage. There are remains of sixteen small temples, of which seven are more ancient with flat roofs belonging to the late Guptas period. Local tradition assigned the building of the temples to the the Shankracharya, the celebrated reformer and philosopher of the eighth century. All the temples are crowded together into a small space( 12.5 mts X 25 mts.) and vary in height from 2 to 6 mts.

The Main temple of Narayan is distinguished by a raised platform in the front, roofed in and leading to the small enclosure of the pyramidal form, where the idol is enshrined. The idol of Vishnu is a metre high, sculpted out of black stone. Vishnu is of course, another name of Bdrinath and so this temple is also known as adibadri. It is one of the five Badris ( Panch Badris) the others being Vishal Badri, Yog-Dhyan Badri, Vriddha Badri and Bhavishya Badri. All five shrines are situated in close proximity.

Adilabad to Adibadri Bus Route Driving Directions
Adilabad, Andhra Pradesh 504001, India
1,536 km - about 1 day 1 hour
85 m
2.Turn right
0.2 km
3.Turn left
0.2 km
4.At the roundabout, take the 3rdexit
6.4 km
5.Turn right ontoAH 43/NH 7
Partial toll road
Pass by IOC Petrol Pump (on the left in 1.8 km)
126 km
6.Turn left ontoAH 43/MH SH 264/NH 7
Pass by Abha Gaikwad-Patil College of Engineering (on the left in 42.5 km)
48.7 km
7.Exit onto Outer Ring Rd
Pass by Atey (Dr) (Mrs) M R (on the right in 8.2 km)
43.3 km
8.Continue ontoAH 43/NH 7
Pass by OM SAI HP AUTO CENTER, HINDUSTAN PETROLEUM (on the left in 57.3 km)
135 km
9.Turn lefttoward AH 43/NH 7
4.9 km
10.Continue straight ontoAH 43/NH 7
Pass by Rai Petroleum (on the left in 20.1 km)
21.0 km
11.Slight left to merge onto N - South Corridor
Pass by Indian Oil (on the left in 62.8 km)
88.8 km
12.Turn left to stay on N - South Corridor
Pass by Well (on the left in 101 km)
120 km
13.Slight left onto the ramp to NH 86
0.4 km
14.Turn left ontoNH 86
Pass by Paramlal Petrol Pump (on the left in 147 km)
150 km
15.Slight right at New Punjab Auto Engineering Works to stay on NH 86
Pass by Sanjay Clinic (on the left in 52.1 km)
68.5 km
16.Turn left to stay on NH 86
Pass by Kwik Fil Petrol Pump (on the right in 128 km)
128 km
17.Turn left at Krishna Lok Hospital ontoNH 25
Pass by RNG Nissan (on the left)
1.4 km
18.At the roundabout, take the 2ndexit onto NH 91
Go through 1 roundabout
Pass by Bharat Petroleum Pump (on the right in 13.3 km)
74.5 km
19.Turn right ontoSH 21
Pass by sahara india pariwar (on the right in 2.0 km)
28.0 km
20.Turn left ontoMadhoganj Rd/SH 21
1.0 km
21.Continue ontoMDR 26C
Pass by Police Station Bilgram (on the left)
12.6 km
22.Continue ontoNagheta Rd
Pass by Dr Amit Yadav (on the right in 1.5 km)
2.4 km
23.At Gupta Clinic, continue onto Sandi - Shahabad Rd
Pass by Police Station (on the right)
41.0 km
24.At Aryavart Gramin Bank,Anjhi, continue ontoAnjhi Migalganj Rd/Khatta - Dilerganj Rd
0.4 km
25.Continue ontoSH 25
Pass by Kaalsen Baba Mandir (on the right in 11.1 km)
21.6 km
26.Turn left ontoShahjahanpur Bypass Rd/NH 24
Continue to follow NH 24
Partial toll road
Go through 1 roundabout
Pass by Khan Dental Hospital (on the left in 74.1 km)
78.7 km
27.Slight righttoward Darzi Chowk
1.6 km
28.Continue straight past Zari Zardosi onto Darzi Chowk
Pass by Cosmo Traders (on the right)
1.5 km
29.Turn righttoward SH 37
Pass by Lord Shiva Temple (on the left in 1.9 km)
3.1 km
30.Continue straight ontoSH 37
Pass by Roadways Petrol Pump (on the left in 44.4 km)
55.6 km
31.Continue ontoAH 2/NH 74
Go through 1 roundabout
Pass by HP Petrol Pump (on the left)
4.4 km
32.At the roundabout, take the 1stexit and stay on AH 2/NH 74
Continue to follow NH 74
Go through 2 roundabouts
Pass by Hazari Lal and Company (Petrol Pump) (on the left in 28.8 km)
46.0 km
33.Turn left to stay on NH 74
34 m
34.Take the 1stright to stay onNH 74
Pass by Indian Oil Petrol Station (on the right in 5.6 km)
13.8 km
35.Turn righttoward NH 121
Go through 1 roundabout
10.9 km
36.Turn right ontoNH 121
Pass by Mahalaxmi Filling Station (on the left in 17.3 km)
41.4 km
37.At Mohaan Chauraha, continue ontoRanikhet Rd
Pass by The Den (on the right)
17.7 km
38.Turn right ontoBhikyasan - Ramnagar Rd
22.1 km
39.Turn lefttowardBhikyasan - Ramnagar Rd
20.9 km
40.Continue straight ontoBhikyasan - Ramnagar Rd
Pass by Sangela Tourist Lodge (on the left in 31.8 km)
32.1 km
41.Turn left at SBI ATM ontoChaukhutia Bridge
65 m
42.AtChaukhutiya - Karnprayag Jct, continue onto NH 87
Pass by Nanital Bank,Chaukhutia (on the right in 300 m)
21.2 km
43.Turn left to stay on NH 87
Pass by Police Station (on the right in 300 m)
Destination will be on the left
40.3 km
Aadibadri, Uttarakhand 246440, India
Distance from Adilabad to Adibadr 1,536 km